Welcome to Meads Laundromat

It is recommended that duvets are washed every 6 months. However, as many people alternate a 'summer' and 'winter' duvet, barring accidents all that is required is an annual launder.

We can wash both feather- and fibre-filled duvets from single to super-king size. A combination of tumble-drying and natural airing is the best treatment, and so the process will usually take 4 to 5 working days. We do not offer a same-day service for duvets.

Please see the tariff page for details of duvet pricing. In the past we have incurred costs in laundering duvets that remain uncollected, so for the last few years our policy is that we require payment in advance for this service.

Please note that old stains in the casing of duvets (tea, blood, etc) are unlikely to come out in the wash - this is not a fault of the washing process.