Welcome to Meads Laundromat

Service Washes

Your bag(s) of laundry will be washed, tumbled-dry and then folded neatly. Each wash has a separate machine, so your items do not come into contact with those of other customers.

We generally use biological detergent but also have non-biological as an option for those who prefer it. For those with particular allergies etc you are welcome to provide your own detergent. We also offer Fabric Conditioner (Lenor) to soften fabrics and give a really fresh fragrance.

There is no need to mark your items and it is unnecessary to fold them first (as we then have to unfold them into the washing machine!) but please ensure all items are suitable for machine washing and tumble drying.

To reduce packaging, your items will be placed back in your bag, but you are welcome to provide a 'clean' bag if you wish, or a polythene sleeve can be provided for a small additional cost.

Our standard machines take up to 15lb dry weight and the capacity of our large machines is 25lb - if you send a larger load than that we will simply split it into more than one machine.

We process service washes from 9am to 1pm Monday to Friday. Washes received before 10am can usually be ready the same morning if needed urgently.

Please see the tariff page for details of service wash pricing.