Welcome to Meads Laundromat

Self-Service Coin-Op

Standard Washer              £4.40       (4x £1 + 2x 20p coins)      Large Washer                    £6.00       (6x £1 coins)           Extractor (Spin Dryer)            40p      (2x 20p coins)           Drying per 2.5 minutes           20p      (20p coins)

Service Washes

Standard Wash                  £7.60   plus drying at cost           Large Wash                      £10.00   plus drying at cost

(Drying cost will vary according to amount, and weight, of fabric.  For a Standard Wash this is usually in the range of £1 to £3, and £2 to £4 for a Large Wash)         

Duvet Service

Fibre filled: Single            £10.50   drying included                 Double / King                   £13.50       "           "                  

Feather filled: Single        £12.00       "           "            Double/King                     £15.00       "           "

Service wash and Duvet extras:

Fabric Conditioner:               20p standard wash or single duvet                                                40p large wash or double duvet Laundry Bags from           £1.60                                      Collection / delivery  from £1.20 each way