Welcome to Meads Laundromat

Before taking your freshly-washed laundry to the dryers, you may wish to use one of our high-speed hydro-extractors (spin-dryers). These are becoming a rarity in launderettes nowdays but spin three times faster than the washing machines and take just 2-3 minutes to remove a lot of water from your items for just 40p (2x 20p coins). Please read the instructions before use as they must be loaded evenly to ensure the load is balanced. 

*** If you are washing large item(s) like a duvet, bedspread or pillows please bring an old towel with you to place over your items when in the extractor to prevent your item(s) getting trapped and damaged ***

Each of our 5 tumble dryers are big enough to take a load from a large washing machine, though you may find it quicker to split a big load into 2 dryers if available. Drying times will obviously vary depending on the amount and type of laundry, but a small load of, say, mainly polyester items will take about 10 minutes while a medium mixed amount may take 20 to 25 minutes. A large load containing thick towels and denim may need 40 to 45 minutes or more. The dryers operate on 20p coins, each one giving 2.5 minutes drying time.

It is good practice (and cheaper!) to check the contents of the dryer every 10 minutes or so to remove any dry items. This prevents them over-drying, and leaves more space for the rest of the wash to dry.